Verifying your identity

We verify every user’s identity. This keeps everyone who uses Jobhop safe and ensures that we are compliant with current AML legislation.

Even if you have a business account, we’ll need to verify the identity of the person who is authorised to post jobs on behalf of the business.

If you receive a message stating we haven’t been able to verify your identity, there might be a couple things you can edit on your profile to help.

The pieces of information that are used with a secure, third-party verification service are:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Drivers Licence (if provided)

If any of these details were entered incorrectly, please update them, save your profile and try to add hours again.

If you still receive the message, we will need to assist.  Please email, or call us on 06 215 45 45.