Find your perfect match with Jobhop

Summer is the season for casual hookups

Are you looking for a casual summer fling?  Occupationally speaking, of course.

Then you’ve come to the right place.  Jobhop is here to hook you up with your perfect summer job.

Instant, mobile matching

Finding casual work is simple.  If you’re still typing out cover letters and sending out long-winded CVs, maybe eHarmony is more your thing.

Jobhop uses smart-matching to speed up the matching process.  It’s simple, it’s efficient, and it’s, well, easy.  Why do all the hard work when we have algorithms?

Hooking up on the road

Heading out of town this summer?  You won’t pay extra for the passport version. Just choose the region you’re travelling to from the dropdown menu underneath your profile picture to see what’s on offer at your new destination.

But remember to stay safe – always use PPE when it’s available and check the current alert levels 

Minimise Tinder surprise

We’ve all been there, but Jobhop keeps the risk of vocational cat-fishing low.

Everyone on Jobhop is identity-verified using third-party data verification, so you don’t have to waste time “researching” online.

Your profile matters

A well-designed profile will get you better matches – and better offers.

Jobhop providers are looking for fresh talent, and you’ll get the best offers if your profile showcases your skills.  Here’s how to make your profile pop. Once you’ve got your profile completed, you’ll be able to receive offers directly from Jobhop providers looking to uncover hidden talent.  You can accept – or reject – with a free text.  Easier than ghosting.

Mutual benefits

No matter what type of opportunity you’re looking for, you can find it on Jobhop.

Short-term, long-term, long-distance.  We’re just the platform to connect you with what you love.

Adjust those filters

If you’re not seeing jobs you’re interested in, maybe it’s time to cast your net wider?

You’ll be matched for jobs based on the work types you’ve chosen, so if you’ve always wanted to try something different, now’s your chance.

You never know where it will lead

Sometimes something casual leads to something meaningful.  Like Hinge, we’ve made matches that have led to long-term jobs.

But even if you don’t find your forever job, you’ll create connections, opportunities to curate your own portfolio of work experience.

So get out there and find your perfect match!