Ready to start your Jobhop job?

Now that you have found a worker through Jobhop, you are ready to get some work done!

You should have received an email with the confirmed Jobhopper’s name and contact details.  In the app you will also be able to view their phone number and email address, or make comments on the job card.

If you have any instructions about what they need to bring or about the task at hand, please contact them directly.

Once your Jobhopper has arrived and started work, there is nothing more to do until you’re ready to hit “Finish & Pay”.

If they’ve worked more or less than the time you initially agreed with them, please make sure that they have agreed to this before editing the payment amount.

If The Jobhopper is Late or Doesn’t Show Up

It happens, we all run late from time to time and we ask that the Jobhopper contacts you if they know they will be late.  You will have the opportunity to rate the Jobhopper on their punctuality at the end of the job.

If your Jobhopper doesn’t show up, and you aren’t able to contact them, you have the option to mark the Jobhopper as a “No Show”.