What’s the true cost of employing staff?

Are you ready to hire new staff?

Before you take the leap, first take a look into the actual cost of hiring a permanent employee.  It could be thousands more than you anticipated – and even more, if your new staff member isn’t suitable.

The upfront costs of a new hire

One of the biggest costs in recruitment is the time you’ll spend finding, interviewing and training new staff. A job advertisement alone costs about $300 – and then there’s the time that you or your HR Manager spends reading through CVs, cover letters, arranging interviews. The upfront costs of employing someone could be higher than $2,600  (we used this calculator to estimate the cost of hiring a retail employee: https://www.business.govt.nz/employeecostcalculator/).

And then there are the costs of managing an employee who isn’t the right fit for the role.

A safer solution

At Jobhop, we think about recruitment differently. Short-term, flexible options can be the stepping stones that form a pathway to permanent employment.

With Jobhop, you can book workers by the day, or hour.  This flexibility gives you both a chance to find out whether your potential candidate is the right fit for your team and your business.

It’s a solution that empowers workers to find the company that they know they want to work for.  When you’ve both had the opportunity to look before you take the leap into permanent employment, you’ll know you’re hiring people who are already performing in the role.

Better than an interview

We’ve seen several Jobhoppers move into permanent roles after successful short-term gigs at great companies.

Sometimes, they were the people who wouldn’t shine in a traditional job interview.  But they did know how to get stuck in and help a team. They were the people who showed such promise in a short time that they were snapped up straight away.  Job interviews aren’t always the right way to find a good fit.  For some jobs, and some people, the best way to demonstrate their work ethic, competence and readiness to learn is just to get stuck in and do it.

These businesses didn’t always have permanent positions available when they booked Jobhoppers for casual jobs. But when a position did come up, they had people ready to fill them.

There were no recruitment costs, no agency fees, no job ads. But there were people, already inducted and trained.  People who had already proven they would be worth the long-term investment – the people who showed up, worked hard, and fit in well with the team.

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