Pay, Tax and GST

When you credit your account, Jobhop holds your funds in trust until you confirm that the job has been done.

This is how we facilitate instant payment.  As soon as you tap “Finish and pay” we release your funds.  These go to your Jobhopper for their work, to Jobhop for the service and to IRD for tax filing.

Invoices and remittances

Invoices and remittances are automatically generated and emailed to you.  You can also find and download them from your Jobhop history page.  From the Menu, go to My History.

When the job’s done, you’ll receive two Invoice/Receipts.  One is for the administration fee, the other is from the Jobhopper for the hours they’ve worked.

What about GST?

Job Hop Limited charges an administration fee of 10% for using the platform, this includes GST.  The Hopper will always see the rate minus the administration fee.


Hourly rate $30/hr the Hopper will see hourly rate of $27.00/hr

If a hopper is GST registered the $27.00 will include GST or will be added if the “plus GST if any” box has been ticked