Payment records and history


After you’ve completed a job, Jobhop creates the following paperwork in the background for you:

  • Invoice from you to the Jobhop Provider for your time
  • Remittance Advice from the Jobhop Provider to you for your payment records

The Remittance Advice will be emailed to you when a job is complete and are also stored on your history page.

The Invoice reflects the amount the Jobhop Provider was charged for the work based on a rate of $22.10.

We get that rate by taking the $25 per hour they pay Jobhop and taking away the provider admin fee, which is $2.90. That leaves $22.10 as the gross rate.

The Remittance Advice shows the breakdown of your payment. Just like any job, there is tax taken off of the income, and there is a small tax deductible expense of $0.60 per hour that each Jobhopper pays to use the system.

An example of your pay per hour (after tax) is as follows:

$22.10 minus $4.42 (20% withholding tax) = $17.68

$17.68 minus $0.60 (tax deductible expense) = $17.08

The amount paid to your bank account for an hour of work is $17.08.

The tax is paid directly to IRD.