Requesting a refund

Funds in a Jobhop Providers account are held in trust until the job(s) are completed.  

Once the job is complete and the Provider has clicked ‘Finish and Pay’ payment is transferred to the Hopper and the funds for the job are deducted from the Jobhop Providers account. 

If a Provider no longer wants to use Jobhop, they can request a refund of any remaining funds, minus the Administration Fee of $10. 

Please note that we do not refund hours once they have been used for a job.   

Jobhop acts as a platform to connect Jobhoppers and Jobhop Providers and gives no warranties about the service, the quality of any job, or the ability of any Jobhopper to complete a job.  We advise Jobhop Providers to select Jobhoppers with the highest rating available. 

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.