Welcome to our new adventure! 

Here at Jobhop, we’re all about breaking down the barriers to work.  You’ve told us that there’s more we can do to make work accessible, by making it faster and easier to post and find jobs.   So, we’ve been working hard  on an updated version of Jobhop just for you – and now, it’s nearly ready to go live!  

What’s new?

We’re lucky that you’ve given us lots of feedback about your Jobhop experience.  We’ve listened, we’ve learned, and we’re very close to launching what we affectionately (and yes, unimaginatively)  refer to as “Jobhop 2.0”.   The core concept of Jobhop is the same one you know and love, but we’ve added a few key changes.  Here’s what we’ll roll out when Jobhop 2.0 goes live:

Multiple Pay Rates 

You told us that you wanted to be able to pay Jobhoppers more, so you can offer them different kinds of work.  With Jobhop 2.0, we’ve scrapped the payment ceiling.  Now, our Jobhop Providers can set the rate they’re willing to pay.  This is exciting stuff!  This means you’ll be able to Jobhop anything – from business consultancy to gardening.  Jobhop 2.0 is your go-to freelancing platform for getting work done.

Free Job Posting

Having to pay before you’ve found someone for your job wasn’t ideal for you.   With our new job posting process, you won’t have to pay until you’re ready to offer your job to a Jobhopper.  Where else can you advertise a job and find matches for free? 

Drag and drop

OK, this is the bit we’re really geeking out on.  After being labelled “Tinder for jobs” (thanks, Hilary Barry!)  we couldn’t very well incorporate the left swipe into our design, but we did want to make your Jobhop experience a bit more fun.  Instead of clicking to apply or offer the job, you can drag and drop your profile card onto jobs.  You’ll love it!

Hang tight

We’ll have to go offline from 3-8pm this Friday (7th May) to test 2.0.  We’re sorry about the inconvenience, but it’s the only way we can make sure that it’s ready to go live next week.   Stay tuned, everyone!