Health and Safety for Jobhoppers

As a Jobhopper you will potentially work on a range of work sites and private residences. We want you to be safe on every site you visit.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 is legislation that governs safety in work environments. The primary message is that everyone is entitled to work in environments where the risks to your health and safety are properly controlled.

Safety is both the responsibility of the Jobhop Provider and yourself, the Jobhopper. An induction should be carried out when you arrive for the work so that you are aware of any safety hazards and risks and how to keep yourself safe. Jobhop is not responsible for the HSE policies of Job Providers using our platform.

If you encounter an unsafe situation while doing a job you were matched with through Jobhop, we advise you to raise it with the Jobhop immediately. Do not attempt any job you are not trained or competent to complete. You have the right to stop work or refuse to carry out work if you believe that doing the work would expose you, or anyone else, to a risk to health or safety from an immediate or upcoming hazard. Just ensure that you let the Jobhop Provider know straight away. You don’t have to start work again if you still reasonably believe that you or another person would be in danger.

If you are unable to find the Job Provider, you need to contact the work site Health and Safety Representative or raise it to a Supervisor of the Job Provider.

Here is more information about your rights and obligations as a worker. You are protected if you speak up about an unsafe situation at work, read more about protections for workers here. You can also view details of the regulations on the WorkSafe website.

Please read the  Health and Safety Obligations letter

If a job ends early due to a health and safety issue, the Jobhop Provider may have to send you home early without further pay that day.