How much will you get paid?

The minimum hourly rate, before tax and expenses a Jobhop Provider can offer a job for is $22.10/hr.  The rate for each job, before tax and expenses, is shown in the banner at the top of the Job card. 

You will receive a Remittance Advice and an invoice will be sent to your Provider for the work you did.  These documents will show the hours worked, hourly rate, tax, deductible expenses, and the total amount you have received for the job.   

Jobhop withholds tax (at a rate of 20%) from your payment and files it directly with the IRD. Note that Jobhoppers are charged a tax deductible expense fee by Jobhop that is equal to $0.60 per hour worked.

So here’s and example of what it looks like when you work one hour:

One Hour is charged at $22.10

Minus Withholding Tax (20%) -$4.42

Minus Tax Deductible Expense  -$0.60

Total Paid to you per hour $17.08

Both of these deductions are taken off before we transfer funds to you so you don’t have to worry about following up to pay them.

When will you get paid?

Jobhop sends payments out 4 times a day on weekdays, these times are 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

After a job is complete, your payment will be included with the next scheduled payment run.

If you work on a Saturday or Sunday, you will not receive your payment until Monday as payments are not transferred by the bank on weekends.

We bank with ASB so if you have an ASB account, your payments will come through to your account more quickly because there will be less processing required.