Common Questions

Jobhop enables people (Jobhoppers) to work when they want and get paid the same day.  

And Jobhop enables businesses or private individuals (Jobhop Providers) to find local workers for short term jobs. 

Our Jobhop webapp connects Jobhop Providers with Jobhoppers close by. 

From your dashboard, you’ll see all the jobs available in your region.

To apply for a job, just drag and drop your card onto the job card.

If you’re on mobile, click the Apply button.








For more information about finding work on Jobhop, click here.

As soon as your Jobhop Provider clicks ‘Finish and Pay’ your payment will be processed. Unless it’s a weekend in which case your payment will show the next working day.    
Payments are run 4 times a day and depending on your bank you might see the payment in your account the same day.  If you haven’t seen your payment within 24 hours, please let us know.  

The minimum hourly rate, before tax and expenses a Jobhop Provider can offer a job for is $22.10/hr.  The rate for each job, before tax and expenses, is shown in the banner at the top of the Job card.   

You will receive a Remittance Advice which is a copy of the invoice our Webapp sends to your Provider for the work you did.  This invoice will show the hours worked, hourly rate, tax, deductible expenses, and the total amount you will receive for the job.   

Jobhoppers are viewed as ‘sole traders’ by the IRD, and the Jobhop Webapp transfers your withholding tax, at a voluntary schedular payment rate of 20%, to the IRD each time you are paid.  

You may still need to file an IR3 tax return though, depending on your annual income and, depending on how much you have earned through Jobhop. 

Each time you work, you will pay Jobhop a small fee for connecting you with the Job Provider.  This is a deductible expense and is shown in the Remittance Advice you will receive for each job.  If you want to claim these fees you will need to file a tax return as these fees may reduce the overall tax you need to pay. 

If you have specific questions about your situation, contact the IRD directly for help.   

Information about IR3 Tax Returns

Information about Schedular Payments

Tax Rates in New Zealand and Tax Calculator

We verify your identity when you’ve completed your profile and clicked submit.  This keeps everyone who uses Jobhop safe and ensures that we are compliant with required legislation.

If you receive a message stating we haven’t been able to verify your identity, there might be a couple of things you can edit on your profile to help.  Click here for more details.

You can withdraw your application by dragging the job towards the top of your dashboard.

This will bring up a recycle icon for you to drop your card onto.

When you’ve done this, your application will be removed from the job and the job will be deleted from your dashboard.


If you didn’t get a confirmation email from us, try adding support@jobhop.co.nz to your contacts.   Once we’re in your contact list, click Resend Email.

If the email was blocked by your provider, you might be able to find it in your junk/spam folder and mark it as “not spam”.

Click on your provider for more details: GmailMicrosoft (Outlook.com and Hotmail), and Xtra.

And if that doesn’t work, please use the contact form to get in touch with us so we can help you out.

To change your picture, or to upload a new one, go to Menu/My Profile/About You. 

Click Upload Image and choose a photo of yourself.  If you’re having trouble  please make sure you’re uploading a jpeg.

upload profile jobhopper

You can have a play with the arrows and zoom until you’ve got your photo just right.

Click Select and if you’re happy with the Preview, click Save.


If you’re still having trouble, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us so we can help you out.

By default, you’ll only be shown jobs in your own region.   If you’re not seeing any jobs, this might be because we don’t have many Jobhop Providers in your area – but stick with us, early adapter!

We’re working on getting more businesses on board, and you’ll be first in line when they sign up and post a job.  That’s why it’s important to have a well-presented profile.  It also makes you more likely to be offered jobs directly.  Some businesses post private (unlisted) jobs which aren’t advertised on the public marketplace, but can be offered straight to you.

We’re sorry to see you go!

Please contact us so we can delete your account for you.

If you’d like to make a complaint about your Jobhop Provider, please let us know as soon as you can.

We’ll work with you and the Jobhop Provider to try and resolve the issue and guide you to take further steps if necessary.   Please refer to our Terms and Conditions  (11. Disputes) for more detailed information.

If you’re not happy with the service Jobhop has provided, please get in touch.  We value your feedback.

As a Jobhopper you will potentially work on a range of work sites and private residences. We want you to be safe on every site you visit.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 is legislation that governs safety in work environments. The primary message is that everyone is entitled to work in environments where the risks to your health and safety are properly controlled.

Safety is both the responsibility of the Jobhop Provider and yourself, the Jobhopper. An induction should be carried out when you arrive for the work so that you are aware of any safety hazards and risks and how to keep yourself safe. Jobhop is not responsible for the HSE policies of Job Providers using our platform.

If you encounter an unsafe situation while doing a job you were matched with through Jobhop, we advise you to raise it with the Jobhop Provider immediately. Do not attempt any job you are not trained or competent to complete. You have the right to stop work or refuse to carry out work if you believe that doing the work would expose you, or anyone else, to a risk to health or safety from an immediate or upcoming hazard. Just ensure that you let the Jobhop Provider know straight away. You don’t have to start work again if you still reasonably believe that you or another person would be in danger.

If you are unable to find the Job Provider, you need to contact the work site Health and Safety Representative or raise it to a Supervisor of the Job Provider.

Here is more information about your rights and obligations as a worker. You are protected if you speak up about an unsafe situation at work, read more about protections for workers here. You can also view details of the regulations on the WorkSafe website.

Please read the  Health and Safety Obligations letter

If a job ends early due to a health and safety issue, the Jobhop Provider may have to send you home early without further pay that day.

Life happens.  If you get sick and can’t make it to work, it’s really important that you contact the Jobhop Provider to let them know.

You can find the Jobhop Provider’s contact details on the job card and in the email you were sent when you were accepted for the job.

If you don’t let them know before the job is due to start, the Jobhop Provider could mark you as a “No Show”.

After you’ve let the Jobhop Provider know you can’t make it, you can unapply for the job.

Please be aware that because you’re not an employee, you’re not eligible for any sick pay.

Common Questions

Jobhop enables businesses or private individuals (Jobhop Providers) to find local workers for short term jobs. 

And Jobhop enables people (Jobhoppers) to work when they want and get paid the same day.  

Our Jobhop webapp connects Jobhop Providers with Jobhoppers who are close by. 

Anyone can become a Jobhopper or a Jobhop Provider by creating an account.   

Once a job has been posted the Jobhop Provider will get a list of identity-verified, smart-matched Jobhoppers.  When the Jobhop Provider has credited their account with enough funds to pay for the job, the Jobhopper can accept the job offer by free text.  How Jobhop Credit Works.

Once the job has been accepted,  contact details are exchanged, and the job can start. 

As soon as the Hopper has finished the job click ‘Finish and Pay’ and our webapp automatically pays the Hopper, files their tax, and generates invoices and remittances for both your records. 

Funds in a Jobhop Providers account are held in trust until the job(s) are completed.  

Once the job is complete and the Provider has clicked ‘Finish and Pay’ payment is transferred to the Hopper and the funds for the job are deducted from the Jobhop Providers account. 

If a Provider no longer wants to use Jobhop, they can request a refund of any remaining funds, minus the Administration Fee of $10. 

Please note that we do not refund hours once they have been used for a job.   

Jobhop acts as a platform to connect Jobhoppers and Jobhop Providers and gives no warranties about the service, the quality of any job, or the ability of any Jobhopper to complete a job.  We advise Jobhop Providers to select Jobhoppers with the highest rating available.  Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Please use the contact form below if you would like to request a refund.

If a Jobhop Provider has their own Health & Safety and / or induction policies, they’ll follow their normal procedures. 

If a Jobhop Provider doesn’t, they can download this induction form and this information about Health & Safety for Jobhop Providers. 

And Jobhoppers are asked to read their Health & Safety obligations when they sign up to Jobhop. 

Once you have posted a job, you’re ready to find a Jobhopper.

You can offer someone a job by simply dragging and dropping their card onto your job.

Your applicants and offers will be listed next to the job.  To view a Jobhopper’s profile, click the magnifying glass icon.

Jobhoppers can accept your offer by replying to a free text.  This will automatically change their status to Confirmed.

If you’d rather accept an applicant, just click on their name.  This will change their status to Confirmed. 

find a jobhopper

As soon as you’ve confirmed your Jobhopper, your contact details are released to each other and you’re ready for the job to go ahead.

When the job’s done, click Finish & Pay.

If you’re not sure how long a job will take, please state this in your job description and discuss this with your Jobhopper before they start the job.  Once they have agreed to the change, you can edit the hours at the payment screen.

Click Finish & Pay.   This will open a new window.

At the bottom of this screen, click on:  Not right? Click here to make changes to the job.

jobhop provider payment

Update the hours next to the Jobhopper’s name and click Finish & Pay.

change hours before pay

You can create a list of preferred candidates by adding Jobhoppers to your personal list.

To do this, drag their card up towards the top of your dashboard.

You’ll see “Add to personal list” appear (see below).  Drop the Jobhopper’s card onto this to add the Jobhopper to your personal list.

add to personal list

To see your personal list, click on “Personal list” (beneath your profile card).

You can toggle between “All Regional Hoppers” and your Personal List by clicking on this button.

Need to make changes to your job or delete your job?

To edit your job, click on Edit Job at the bottom of your job card to open the job card.

edit job

Edit the job details and click Update.

Deleting a job

Before you can delete a job, you’ll need to make sure you’ve withdrawn all your outstanding job offers or applications.

To do this, click on the Jobhopper’s tile next to your job card and drag it to the space underneath Post a job.

When you start to move the tile, you’ll see text telling you where to move the tile to (Drag here to withdraw this job offer).

Drag and drop the tile into this space.

withdraw hopper desktop

Now you can delete the Job.

Click on Edit Job at the bottom of your job card to open the job card.

edit job

Click on Delete this Job and click Yes on the pop-up to confirm.



Can’t find what you’re looking for?  We’re here to help.  Please fill out the form below and one of our friendly support team will be in touch.

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