Stand out in a crowded job marketplace

With unemployment at a 34-year low, it’s an employee-driven market right now.

If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to work out how you’re going to stand out in this jostling crowd of employers.  Some are offering work perks like gifted company shares, duvet days, or bonuses for completing fixed-term contracts.

What will be your point of difference?

What people really want

When jobseekers have several options on the table, they can afford to be selective.

If you’re going to win the workplace popularity contest, you need to know which one of those benefits is the most enticing.  Should you pitch flexible hours?  Better bonuses?  Or stretch your budget to offer higher compensation?

The answer might surprise you.  A recent study found that work-life balance and compensation are ranked lowest in the top six factors leading to employee satisfaction.

Internationally, the top three drivers of employee satisfaction are:

  • The culture and values of the organisation;
  • The quality of senior leadership; and
  • Access to career opportunities within the organisation.

This is good to know, but how are you going to convey all this in a job interview?

The Jobhop answer is:  don’t try.

The alternative to job interviews

Traditional interviews are very hard to get right; often they’re deeply flawed.

Candidates can find it hard to tell whether your company culture and values are meaningfully embedded, or just “performed” for the interview.  Unless they happen to personally know any of your current employees, they can’t chat with your staff to find out how good your career opportunities and senior leadership really are.

With Jobhop, you can offer them an opportunity to experience life working within your organisation.  Instead of a job interview, offer candidates a short-term contract as a taster.   When you book a contractor via Jobhop, they work as freelancers.  This gives you both an opportunity to discover whether your candidate and your company are a good match.

Not only that, but Jobhop offers an incentive that no one else can match – same-day payment.  All you need to do is tap a button to release payment to their account.

Release untapped potential

Offering short-term, casual opportunities opens the door to what Statistics NZ calls the “underutilised” labour market.   We designed Jobhop to open up opportunities for all these people who, for whatever reasons (childcare, health, disability, age) don’t fit the 9 to 5 model.  12% of our labour force could be working more.  That’s a lot of untapped potential.

Working mums are just one sector of the underutilised workforce, yet they’re often highly skilled, qualified and have significant experience.  A US recruitment firm has raised $80 million – the largest global investment ever made in female workforce technology – to recruit mothers returning to the workforce.   This technology exists in Aotearoa already.  With Jobhop, you can connect directly with people looking for work that fits with their lifestyles.

There are hundreds of thousands of talented people whose lives just aren’t conducive to the 9 to 5.  Instead of trying to win over the permanent, full-timers with bonuses and incentives, we can start recruiting people who are on temporary hiatus from the full-time workforce.

This means we might need to think differently about the positions we’re offering.  At Jobhop, we think differently about how a role is made up.  We think about work as tasks or projects, not a list of duties attached to a position.  We look for opportunities for job sharing, for splitting out tasks into separate, part-time roles.  That gives us the flexibility to grow when we want to, hire the right expert for the job, and scale when we need to.

The answer is already here

And it works!  In our experience, many of our Jobhoppers go on to permanent roles with a company they’ve freelanced for.   Jobhop lets you offer your candidates a taster, experience in your company, building trust in your culture and values – something a job interview simply can’t provide.

At the same time, you have the chance to give people hands-on experience in your company.  Even a simulation in a job interview won’t give you the level of  detail you’ll need to have confidence in your candidate’s performance.  You also want to know how they fit with your team.

The reality is, in this tight labour market, we’ll have to look beyond the perfect skills fit.  Most companies will need to invest more in induction and professional development.  With Jobhop, you can make sure you’re investing in the right person for your company.

In a crowded job marketplace, Jobhop gives you a competitive edge by giving you the ability to pay your staff on the day, and offering candidates a chance to experience all that your workplace has to offer.

Now that you have an all-in-one system for finding, contracting and paying people, you’ll stand out in the crowd.  Let’s find your new hire!